Dear Campaign Supporters,

Hello Everyone! It feels good to be writing to you once again. I’ve had a few amazing experiences these past few weeks that must be shared. First, I got to hit the road with our co-founder Mike Mease and musician Mignon Geli, for Buffalo Field Campaign’s 25th Anniversary Roadshow. Next, our Director of Communications Tom Woodbury and I recently attended the International Wildlife Coexistence Network (IWCN) Conference at Chico Hot Springs. These events had a profound impact on me. I can’t wait to give you more details, so let’s get on with this edition of On the Buffalo Trail.

bfc roadshow lapwai 03

My trail began with a shortened Roadshow, the first since the coronavirus hindered travel a few years ago. Being a part of the Roadshow provided me with an intimate understanding of the hard work and magic that goes into making the tour a success. From the first show I realized how truly wonderful the Roadshow is. The tour was energized by the reunion of so many former Campaign volunteers and coordinators. It felt like a long-overdue family reunion. Time and time again, I was honored to witness Mike or Mignon being greeted by old friends. As each show drew near, there was another happy reunion that helped give each show a special vibe. To top it off, we made new friends and gained new supporters every step of the way. It was a powerful and humbling experience.

It’s only appropriate that I share my appreciation for those who helped make this Roadshow a success. We began in Livingston, MT, at Elk River Books with generous support from Marc. Joan and Cliff set us up in Bozeman, MT, where we hope to return and do a second event at a later date. Amy, Sara and the rest of the Patagonia staff in Dillon were great to us. Bob, Hays, Vince, Mari, Flash Panda, and 10 Cent Mule were all incredible for us at Free Cycle in Missoula. Kasi, Preia, Ross, Karen, and Jesse, made the Hamilton show a big success. Annie and the rest of the Imagine Nation Brewing Co. staff made that second show in Missoula a wonderful success. Lauren, John, Kevin, Rayna, and the Magic Lantern Theater staff were awesome for us in Spokane, WA. Jeremiah, Katie, Paul, Alison, and the One World Staff provided a great venue in Moscow, ID. Tei, Kiara, Brooks, and the Wellbriety Crew were a wonderful help and presence in my hometown of Lapwai, ID. Lastly, my co-workers Chuck, Darrell, and Angela were a big help to us along the way.

Qeciyewyew (thank you) Everyone, for your help in making the Roadshow a trail to remember.

My second event was the IWCN Conference at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT. I was honored to be asked to join the IWCN as a Board Member a few months ago. I opened the conference by providing comments and a prayer for the gathering. I also presented at the conference regarding Yellowstone bison, and hosted (with help from Buffalo friend Jim Bailey) a tour of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem they are meant to inhabit as well. Tom and I were able to foster new relationships with grassroots organizations from around the world, and strengthen our ties with IWCN staff as well. I look forward to being a part of this worthy organization, and telling the Yellowstone bison story wherever I can.

I am constantly humbled by the enormity of what buffalo bring into my life. To be a part of the wild buffalo story is to be exposed to greatness and heart. It is important for me to always carry myself with appropriate honor and respect. Just as with my own family, to have the support of so many of the Campaign Family is not something I take lightly. Just as I appreciate you, all our staunch supporters. Qeciyewyew! (Thank you!)

For the Buffalo,
James L. Holt Sr., ED

“The Earth and I are of One Mind.”- Chief Joseph, Nimiipuu (Nez Perce)