One of the most satisfying and important ways we help the land, the buffalo, and other wildlife is in removing barbed wire fences.

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Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to take down miles of “devil’s hair,” dangerous trash left behind by ranchers who abused our public lands by grazing livestock.  

We pride ourselves on our “off-fence, de-fence” projects! 

Last week, another mile of land was freed after BFC volunteers helped a local West Yellowstone resident remove yet another a barb wire fence, enabling buffalo and other local wildlife to move freely through more of the landscape.  

During the summer months, buffalo are relatively safe in Yellowstone. The large herds are gathered together throughout the Lamar and Hayden Valleys for the rut (or mating season) in awesome family reunions. While the big, mature bulls are tending to numerous females and buffalo families are keeping each other close and safe, our time is freed up to do outreach.  

For the past two months, as we do every summer, we’ve been hosting an information table inside Yellowstone National Park, sharing the buffalo’s story and empowering people to advocate on their behalf. Recently, we’ve been tabling in the town of West Yellowstone, teaching people how to be safe around wild buffalo, something that seems to be a challenge for many park visitors. The dangers of taking those infamous “selfies” with wild buffalo are widely known, but we have an alternative: our giant buffaloon. Come on by and take your "safe bison selfie" with him! You can get as close as you want, and he won’t mind a bit.  

news 2016 08 25 04 001 volunteers    news 2016 08 25 04 002 volunteers

There is no time to be idle at BFC. Summer is very busy for us, as the snow-free ground allows us to complete projects — like our maintenance garage — at campaign headquarters, gather, cut, and stack wood for the coming field season, host school groups, catch up on video projects, do intense outreach, and numerous other things. 

 As our tabling season in Yellowstone winds down, BFC co-founder Mike Mease is gearing up for our annual West Coast Road Show. See our Road Show page for more information on what’s keeping us busy and how you can help spread the word to save the herds!