Mark your calendars and plan to join Buffalo Field Campaign for some winter rallies for wild buffalo!

2018 12 20 03 001 WoA1 BFC Stephany Seay photo
Photo by Stephany Seay, Buffalo Field Campaign

Yellowstone, Montana and other bison managers have aims to kill upwards of 900 of the gentle giants this winter, all to appease Montana’s infamous livestock industry. The country’s last wild buffalo — a sacred and keystone species who is our National Mammal — are in dire straights and we must rally together to demand that they are protected and allowed to flourish, not be slaughtered to satisfy the whims of the cattle industry.

2018 12 20 03 002 WoA2 BFC Stephany Seay photo

Photo by Stephany Seay, Buffalo Field Campaign

Here are the dates and locations for events this year. We will flesh these out more as details are confirmed. Please RSVP with our volunteer coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 406-646-0070 to RSVP. If you can’t make it in person, we will still have an event that you can participate in from wherever you roam.

Monday, February 11
West Yellowstone, Montana, BFC Headquarters. Arrive to camp, settle in or join us in the field.

Tuesday, February 12
Where you are! National Call-in Day. Make the phones ring off the hook and express your views with decision-makers who are impacting the lives of wild buffalo. Targets will be announced that day via a special email alert.

Wednesday, February 13
Gardiner, Montana. 2nd Annual Rosalie Little Thunder Walk. Join us at the Gallatin National Forest office, where we will embark upon a very special event, the Annual Rosalie Little Thunder Memorial Walk. This will be the second walk honoring our co-founder and hero, Lakota elder Rosalie Little Thunder. After we meet up at the Forest Service office, we will gather banners and signs, share some food, and head through the town of Gardiner and into Yellowstone National Park, passing by the Stephens Creek buffalo trap and ending at the north boundary at the Beattie Gulch trailhead. After the walk we will share a hot meal and hold a special candlelight vigil to honor Rosalie and all the buffalo who have lost their lives to the controversial Interagency Bison Management Plan.

Thursday, February 14
Bozeman, Montana. Join us at the Bozeman Public Library from 11am - 4pm for food, information, and a fun rally! Our famous buffalos will be there to mark the way, and we will get out into the streets to bring attention to the country’s last wild buffalo and the dire need to protect these gentle giants. Bring drums, flutes, banners, and friends!

Friday, February 15
Helena, Montana. Join us on the front steps of Montana’s capitol building to bring attention to the Montana legislature. We will be joined by other organizations and Native speakers. More information will come as details are confirmed. The event is from 12pm - 3pm. Lunch will be provided.

Saturday, February 16
West Yellowstone, Montana. Meet up at BFC headquarters and then join us as we take to the streets of West Yellowstone and spread the word to save the herds!

Sunday, February 17
BFC Headquarters. A day of being in the field, sharing stories, and enjoying food after a successful week! This is how we will wind down and honor our family members who have taken the time to come stand in defense of the last wild buffalo.

More details will come. Watch this space. Please RSVP with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you are able to join us, for how long, and how many friends you will bring with you. Share any special dietary requirements as well. Room and board will be provided throughout the Week of Action.

Thank you and see you soon!