Summertime has arrived in Yellowstone. Bees buzz, flowers flourish, snow remains only on the tallest peaks and long sunny days turn the grasses green and long. It is a place of abundance. The Central and Northern herds of buffalo graze contentedly in the valleys of Yellowstone, and this spring’s new calves grow at a rapid pace. People come from far and wide to see the herds, Yellowstone is after all the summer home of the last wild buffalo. People can only see herds of this magnificence here.

2021 07 10 01 001 buffalo with birds

Summer is the off season for BFC’s field patrols, the buffalo are safe from government harm in the interior of Yellowstone National Park during the summer. Our work pivots fully to advocacy and outreach to communities, visitors to Yellowstone National Park, governments, tribes and lawmakers.

Our summer outreach program is now in full swing and we are welcoming volunteers to come work with us in Yellowstone through July and August! The summer team took part in West Yellowstone’s Fourth of July parade, showcasing our charismatic buffaloon. The West Yellowstone community members are powerful advocates for the buffalo, and BFC’s community engagement strengthens our partnership with those that live and work where the buffalo roam. To join our summer program, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2021 07 10 01 002 parade

We also welcome a new member to our board of directors, Lee Juan Tyler. Lee Juan is a member of the Shoshone Bannock Tribes of the Fort Hall Reservation and is serving his seventh term as a member of the Fort Hall Business Council. He has a long history of interest in and experience with environmental protection in the west, and the recognition and protection of tribal treaty rights. We warmly welcome his expertise and knowledge to continue advocating for wild, free roaming buffalo herds in Yellowstone and across the American west.

Lastly, BFC’s 2022 calendars are in stock and ready to order! Our wild bison of Yellowstone country calendars display 12 beautiful pictures that capture the life of the buffalo through the changing seasons, and also feature fascinating buffalo facts. These calendars are wonderful additions to the home, office, or school, and are a great way to share the beauty of wild buffalo with those around you. Get a calendar here!

2021 07 10 01 003 bfc calendar