bfc update 2024 02 21 plow IMG 0123

Wednesday night I drove down to Jackson, Wyoming to get our new plow put on our truck. I woke up to a foot of new snow in Jackson and road reports stated that all three highways I drive to get home where closed due to weather. The plow was finished about 2 PM and a break in the weather opened the highways up for my trip home. Slowly but surely I made the 3 hour drive home. Arriving home at last light I could barely make it up the driveway there was not even room for one car to make it up our quarter mile driveway. The next morning at first light I began to open up the driveway in -27 weather. After 5 hours of moving snow we now have access to the highway to get into the field to watch for buffalo. I would like to thank the following people for making this happen.

Ross & Kate Dworman, Susan Bilo, Madonna Dunbar (In Honor of: Pablo Tenzin Ortega), Ya-Nan Chou, Bettye Tilson, Eleanor M. Ferrari and Stuart L. & Wendy Malmid.