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Stephany hanging out with a family group of buffalo, living in peace on their newly gained ground near Horse Butte. BFC photo by Justine Sanchez.


Come join Buffalo Field Campaign on the front lines. You could be in the field with the country's last wild buffalo, documenting both the good and the horrible that goes on in their everyday lives, helping us to share with the world what is taking place so that we can stop it. Volunteering your time and energy is both fulfilling and what the buffalo absolutely need. You could be skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking in the field, or help out in the office at base camp making sure the people on patrol are safe; help out in the kitchen to keep everyone fed and full of energy. Our field season runs from November until June, when the buffalo are migrating into Montana and into a dangerous conflict zone. We run patrols in both the Hebgen Basin and Gardiner Basin, west and north of Yellowstone National Park. Morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening patrols are conducted in the Hebgen Basin, while we do week-long shifts in the Gardiner Basin, where buffalo are in the most trouble.


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Mackenzie skiing beside the Madison River on a cold, frosty morning patrol, out looking for buffalo along a major migration route. BFC photo by Stephany


We are in the field every day, monitoring the buffalo’s migration and documenting all actions made against them.  We are armed with two-way FM radios, still and video cameras.  What does our documentation do? The videos and photos are used to show the public what is really going on with the bison, what the government is trying to hide. They are also used in court if something illegal happens during the hunt, hazing, trapping, or ship to slaughter. Your video could save the lives of buffalo who so desperately need the help or it could be used to get justice on their behalf. Just your presence in the field shows the Department of Livestock, Yellowstone National Park Service, other agencies, and so many more people that we are watching their every action. Your presence in the field with BFC shows we stand strong on the buffalo’s behalf and will be in the government's face every step of the way. The cameras hold the people doing the terrible actions accountable. The Yellowstone herds are the last genetically pure, WILD bison population left in North America where tens of millions once roamed. BFC wants to get them back across the land — on the buffalo’s own terms — where they belong instead of confined in the park and a small area outside of the park. The buffalo need your help to accomplish these goals. Help get bison back across the landscape where they truly belong.  

Learn more about volunteering with BFC and fill out an application form here.  For more information contact BFC’s Volunteer Coordinator, Mackenzie, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 406-646-0070.

We hope to see you on the front lines!  BFC and the buffalo need you!