Knowing what our government is up to is fundamental to holding our leaders accountable. Were it to have its’ way, government would operate in the dark because it has turned away from serving the sacred trust owed to future generations.

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BFC is dedicated to disclosing public records because freedom of information is vital to fulfilling our mission to save the Yellowstone buffalo from government slaughter and mismanagement. Time and again, Buffalo Field Campaign has sought, fought for, and disclosed information about how the government is mismanaging wild buffalo in Yellowstone. Despite its’ weaknesses, the Freedom of Information Act has helped BFC shed light on what our government is up to.

Last week, the Freedom of Information Act office in Washington D.C. directed Yellowstone National Park to correct the agency’s “insufficient” response to Buffalo Field Campaign’s December 2023 request for records on Yellowstone buffalo (Read BFC’s appeal and the D.C. office’s decision here). The clock is now ticking for the Superintendent’s office to thoroughly search for records and disclose information it withheld from the public.

BFC gives thanks to attorney Daniel Snyder, the Director of Public Justice’s Environmental Enforcement Project, for his advice and input on BFC’s successful appeal. Dan is an awesome advocate in BFC’s pursuit for disclosure and a steadfast ally of wild buffalo. Thank you Dan.

Stay tuned. BFC will post Yellowstone National Park’s response on our Freedom of Information web page to make those records the government failed to search for, or withheld, publicly available to you.

Darrell Geist, BFC habitat coordinator