Herd Bull Subscription Benefit!

As part of Buffalo Field Campaign, you are a member of a Family, a herd. Each person is encouraged and given opportunities to help protect the Buffalo in their own unique way; from volunteering in the field to taking action online to donating monthly as part of our Buffalo Backbone Program, you can connect to place, wildlife, family, and purpose... and Be a Part of the Bigger Solution!

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When you join at the Herd Bull subscription level of $25 a month you are invited to our Where the Buffalo Roam Field Immersion!

The Where the Buffalo Roam Field Immersion is two day and two nights experience with the buffalo at the Buffalo Field Campaign headquarters in West Yellowstone, Montana.

The Immersion includes yurt and bunkhouse lodging (camping also available), meals, and an extensive tour of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem led by veteran BFC Coordinators where we share the political, environmental, and personal stories of the Buffalo from the field.

Buffalo Field Campaign understands that volunteering for two weeks or two months can be out of reach. Come for two days to Learn the issues, Connect with the Buffalo, and Take Action in the field.

Where the Buffalo Roam Immersion is an offering that can be done within the first 5 years of your Herd Bull subscription start date. BFC will work with you to accommodate special needs, intensify your training and field education, and ensure you get involved in campaign life!

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