Yellowstone National Park has released it's 2023 Bison Population Status Report.


Most recent population estimate of 3,819 buffalo (decreased from 4,453) in the Northern herd, and 1,156 buffalo decreased from 1,363) in the Central herd.

1,551 taken last winter: 1,175 hunt related mortality including 75 state harvests, 1,010 tribal harvests, 37 agency-related dispatched/wounding loss, and 53 unattributed harvests.

1,213 bison captured through winter by NPS with 837 released back into the park, 282 entered in the Bison Conservation Transfer Program, 88 consigned to slaughter, and 6 dying while held.

116 bison completing brucellosis quarantine transferred to the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes for assurance testing

Download the report (PDF)