The Myth of Human Supremacynews 2016 06 30 02 001 myth of human supremacy is the latest work from Derrick Jensen, radical environmentalist and outstanding author; a man who BFC is honored to know and call friend.  

Derrick pleasantly surprised us by mentioning BFC and our co-founder Mike Mease in this new book! And it’s not for that that we highly recommend this: The Myth of Human Supremacy is another great work featuring Derrick’s wisdom, teeming with love and flames that articulately, passionately, and profoundly challenges and destroys every possible argument the human supremacists could ever attempt (and fail) to make as they destroy life on Earth.  

The mentality of the human supremacist is the very thing that is destroying the buffalo, managing them to death, or otherwise controlling and manipulating them, as human supremacists do to so many others, and, frankly, the whole planet.  

This book is an act of solidarity for all of us trying to live in relationship with life on this planet, who aim to restore the wild and dismantle the culture of destruction.  

Thank you, Derrick!  Please don’t ever stop!