Buffalo Field Campaign will meet with the Montana Department of Transportation on Wednesday, December 14 to discuss ways of averting bison-vehicle collisions on highways near West Yellowstone. We are hopeful that we can work together to develop strong mitigation efforts—including safe passage infrastructure—that will help wild buffalo and other wildlife to cross the highway safely.

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BFC has long been serving as buffalo crossing guards, making huge efforts to warn motorists when buffalo are on or near the roads. These actions have prevented countless accidents, saving the lives of humans and buffalo alike. Our highway presences has been strongly appreciated by both traveler and local law enforcement, but it is not enough. Especially now that wild buffalo have year-round habitat in this small part of Montana, it is incumbent upon the state to take this issue seriously. And, it only makes sense to make migration safer for wildlife, and travelers, here along the edge of the world’s first national park. 

Thank you for the many letters you have sent on behalf of the buffalo! We ask that you continue to contact Montana Governor Steve Bullock and the Montana Department of Transportation to let them know that you fully support increasing mitigation efforts along this stretch of highway. Hearing from you now, before the meeting, can only help demonstrate that there is a lot of public support to make this highway safer for wild buffalo. MTDOT has been the most helpful to the buffalo of all government agencies, being very responsive to our pleas for better warning systems and lowered speed limits. If we can get approval for safe passage infrastructure, it will be a huge boon to the buffalo and the humans who drive this road. 


We will report back on this important meeting in next week’s Update from the Field. Thank you!