2017 07 13 02 001 SpeakforWolves 800

The fourth annual Speak for Wolves wildlife event will take place July 27-29, at the historic Union Pacific Dining Hall in West Yellowstone, Montana. This is not a gathering of mainstream environmental organizations. Speak for Wolves attendees learn from and interact with real activists who are on the ground and in the field, advocating for the wildlife they are devoted to protecting. Speak for Wolves is “a celebration of predators and our wild heritage,” meant to "create an opportunity for the American people to unite and demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage.”

We are honored to announce that Speak for Wolves’ organizer, Brett Haverstick, has once again invited BFC and wild buffalo to be part of the program. This year’s event begins the evening of July 27th, with a powerful panel discussion about the displacement of native wildlife by invasive livestock. BFC’s current executive director Dan Brister will participate in this panel and eloquently share the hard reality of how wild buffalo are being systematically destroyed prevented from roaming 99% of their ancestral homelands, to placate cattle interests. BFC board member, Ken Cole, who will soon be stepping in to become our executive director as Brister heads to law school, will share a film by Predator Defense about the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack, followed with a Q & A session. 

Sandwiched between these two remarkable souls will be an incredible array of films, presentations, and discussions pertaining to the broken system of wildlife management in America. At Speak for Wolves we come together to “discuss, strategize, and unite in building a coalition to address the need to reform wildlife management in America.”  Participants will also be treated to poetry, book readings, art, and a live musical performance by singer-songwriter and environmental activist Dana Lyons, as well as a Sunday field trip into Yellowstone. 

Speak for wolves, speak for the wild!  Please join us if you can, and tell others about this important event.  Get the full program and learn more.