2018 08 24 01 001 Pearl Jam 1 BFC Chuck Irestone photo
Toe and the buffaloon represent at Pearl Jam’s pre-concert Roc2Vote festival. Photo by Chuck Irestone, Buffalo Field Campaign.

On August 13, Buffalo Field Campaign had the honor and pleasure of attending the Pearl Jam concert at the University of Montana’s Grizzly Stadium, in Missoula. Prior to the concert was a pre-show Rock2Vote festival, which included booths from Montana-based non-profits, music, and other exciting activities, and BFC was invited to participate. We had our famous Buffaloon presiding over our table, and he was a huge draw for all the passers-by. So many folks stopped by our table after spotting him, and lots of folks took photos of themselves with him — he’s probably the most photographed individual buffalo in the world. Not to mention, he provided us some much needed shade! We had a great afternoon talking with tons of people from around the country, many of whom who were already familiar with and supportive of our work, and others who “got it” as soon as we started the conversations.

Buffalo family, including board members, coordinators, former volunteers, and other family showed up as well. It was bit of a family reunion that we weren’t expecting, and it was fantastic. Everyone was there to represent the buffalo and did an excellent job. We have to give a special shout of of thanks to BFC’s Volunteer & Summer Coordinator, Tosef Gavette, who really shone through for the buffalo, talking to tons of folks, gathering signatures, and enjoying every minute of it.

2018 08 24 01 002 Pearl Jam 2 BFC Chuck Irestone Photo
A shout out to another of our biggest supporters, Patagonia, who were there to Rock2Vote in defense of our public lands. Photo by Chuck Irestone, Buffalo Field Campaign.

BFC has the incredible honor of having Pearl Jam’s bass player, Jeff Ament, on our Advisory Board. Jeff and the band have been huge supporters over the past two decades, and having Jeff being more involved in the Campaign is huge for us. At the last minute, Jeff got a few of us into the show, which had sold out quickly, and even got BFC’s Mike Mease a backstage VIP pass. Sticking together as a herd, we braved the intense crowds and made our way through the airport-like security lines and onto the floor of the stadium. Stage lights came on, and the show started, and never to disappoint, Pearl Jam totally rocked the house! Eddie sounded as great as ever, as did every member of the band. A wonderful set list ranging the span of time, with so many favorites that everyone knows. During the middle of the show, Eddie started talking about the Rock2Vote event and all the folks that helped make it happen. As Montana is Jeff’s home state, Eddie handed the mic to him so he could have the honor of recognizing all the participants. As Jeff went down the list, we were thrilled when he gave a shout out to Buffalo Field Campaign — roars of cheering throughout the crowd, but probably none louder than us.

2018 08 24 01 003 Pearl Jam 3 BFC Chuck Irestone photo
Pearl Jam, back in Grizzly Stadium after twenty years, still rocking’ in the ‘free world’! Photo by Chuck Irestone, Buffalo Field Campaign.

It was a tremendous event and a most excellent show. We can’t thank Pearl Jam enough — especially Jeff — for all your many years of support. BFC is so grateful to you for your dedication to BFC and to all the important causes that you support, and for always speaking your mind and walking the talk.

Here are a few photos from that awesome day for you to browse through, including one of a very special buffalo you may know!