2018 11 22 03 001 RoadShow1 BFCphoto

BFC’s Mike Mease and Greg Marin represent on our 2018 West Coast Road Show. BFC file photo.

Where do you start to thank all of the beautiful people that made BFC's 2018 West Coast Road Show such a success? I can start with the people that made the event so special, Mignon Geli for going on the whole Road Show and Goodshield for joining us for half. Without their incredible music no one would listen to me. Also, huge thanks to my injured partner who ran the table and helped spread the word to save the herd, Greg Marin. We could never do any of these shows without the help of all the local supporters who not only organized and brought people to the event, but housed us as well. We could not afford to do this if you all did not help us out so much. I look at this Road Show as a way to come and personally thank everyone for giving BFC the honor to do our work. We are only as strong as our supporters and we never take that for granted. Thanks to all the following people for making this years tour a huge success.

* Williams, Oregon: Brian and Michelle Hannagan, Tom and Barb Hannagan ( Brian’s Parents), Casa Blanca, Apple Outlaw, Takubeh, Cocina 7, Sequential Biofuels, The Tool Merchant, Bear Creek Forest Management, Huck and Nab-Ha, Tanyia,Sara Tone, Groove Convergence, Amber Sun Feather, Michelle, McAfee, Scott Head, and Julie Cliett.

* Snoqualimie, Washington: Christie Coffin, Black Dog Cafe,Greg Coffin,Bobbi DiTrani,and Nels Melgaard Mt. Si Nursery thanks to you and your family for sharing your wonderful nursery and garden space in a pinch

* Tulalip, Washington: our beautiful sister Jennifer Fuentes,Hilbulb Cultural Center Center,Lena Jones - center coordinator, Ayanna Fuentes,Erika and Hawk, and Tara Cumnings and family for sharing your home on the " sound "

* Whidbey, Island: Susan Berta, Langely Whale Center, Wendy Berta, Howard Garrett,Kim Young- Wolf Haven International, Deb Nickerson, Black Hills Audubon Society,Courtney and Brian Cooke, Audrey Ann, children: MJ, Julia, Elliot, thanks for the songs and thanks to the children for sharing their " class room" art space for our sleeping quarters

* Olympia, Washington: Donna Snow, New Traditions, Jody Mackey - owner of New Tradition, and Rick----man with the school busses and plums, loved your space

* Portland, Oregon: Amanda Gallegos, Patagonia Store, Emily, Bradley Sarah, Sienna, and Tony Garcia and family for sharing their home and yard for sleeping, great breakfast with songs

* Corvallis, Oregon: Cassandra Robertson affiliated with Spring Creek Project, Native American Longhouse Eena Hays OSU, Angela Wartes Cahl and daughter, Salix----for great pizza and your numerous donations, James Reismiller, and Lindsay Steinmann

2018 11 22 03 002 RoadShow2 BFCphoto
Goodshield and Mignon enchant audiences everywhere they roam. BFC file photo.

* Bend, Oregon: Valerie McOmber, The Environment Center, Mike McOmber----beautiful out of city limits property to camp, travel trailer for Mignon, Allison and Phillip Price ( food and headbands), and Amici Hospitalitiy Consulting

* Newport, Oregon: Terry Waldron, Cafe Mundo, Greg and Laurie Card (owners ) plus staff

* Cave Junction, Oregon: Dug, Frog

* Arcata, California: Tony Silvaggio,University Center Room 225 Humboldt State University, Greta Montagne ---- for sharing her wonderful home and providing us with herbal remedies love your tree house

* San Raphael, California: Kerby Ann Leeson, Howard Leeson ----for sharing their home for the event, for providing us a place to stay and food, for generous donation, White Buffalo Women Council --opening song and drumming, and Neena McNair Family Drum ---additional drumming and song

* Chico, California: Miles and Natalie Montalbano ---Owners of the Pageant Theater, and Johnathan Richman

* Oakland, California: Adrienne Mrsny, Oakland Zoo, Amy Gotliffe ( assisted Adrienne ), and Lorin Lidner and Matt Simmons, owners of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center for generous donations, food & friendship

* Berkely, California: Karen Pickett, Ecology Center, and Lily Rock Holt and MC ---workers @ the ecology center

* Canyon School: Karen Pickett, Canyon School, Judy, Kirsten & Stephan and the students

* San Francisco, California: Phil Klasky, San Francisco State University Gymnasium Room 114, and Phil’s students.

* Ventura, California: Ben Livingstone, Patagonia Store, Chipper Bro----setting us up for a place to live for two days, seeing we were fed and his fantastic vibe special thanks for the foot massage, store employees who set up, poured drinks, and made appetizers: Elle Miller, Ben Edward, Jeff Marten, Enya O’Kane, Melissa Castaneda---for proving names in a pinch, and Vagabond Inn for 2 nights

* L.A., California: Ken and Lynda Stark for opening their home foe two nights to Mignon and myself and for food and friendship, great outdoor space to hang in, P.E.T.A. Building, P.E.T.A. for the space and Kira, who opened and stayed till the end, and Tim Tattus ---for providing a space for Thia and Mike for two evenings, for food and friendship
If we forgot anyone please forgive us as we tried our best to honor you all.

With the Buffalo,
Mike Mease