Buffalo Field Campaign & Coffalo Coffee (formerly Buffalo Brew Roasters Coffee) have teamed up to create a specialty roast just for BFC! Early morning and night patrols to protect the Yellowstone buffalo make high quality coffee a mainstay for BFC Volunteers. Now is your opportunity to help us Name Our Roast!

And the winner of the Coffalo Coffee naming contest is......

Roam Free Roast! It received 50% of the votes!

Thank you to our Buffalo Community for submitting names and voting during the "Name Our Roast" contest...it was a fun way to celebrate our Beloved Bison this summer and as we continue our policy, outreach and field work...For the Buffalo.

We had 6 people submit that name and have decided to give all 6 a bag of Roam Free Roast...Congratulations!

Kathleen Benton
MariRose James
Renee Mahni
Susan McClure
Lisa Scharin
Jessica Soza

We had 2 people submit that name within 2 minutes of each other on Day 1 (July 22nd) of the contest. They will both receive a custom beaded Buffalo Medallion necklace in addition to the bag of Roam Free Roast...Congratulations Again!

Kathleen Benton
MariRose James

Winners please contact BFC Board President via email to claim your Thank You Gift: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Purchase the roast here: https://www.buffalobrewcoffeeroasters.com/.../buffalo.

bfc buffalo brew blend label


The “Name Our Roast” Winner will receive the first 1-pound bag of BFC’s newly named roast PLUS a custom-made Buffalo Medallion Necklace hand beaded by Feather Holt, Nimiipuu & wife of BFC Executive Director, James Holt. 

bfc buffalo brew beaded medallion


Purchase the new roast here!

Coffalo Coffee will graciously donate 5% of the proceeds from each 12 ounce and each 16-ounce bag of the “BFC Blend” purchased by customers from Buffalo Brew Coffee’s website.  AND look for the launch of BFC's new monthly supporter program (coming August 2021) and receive Buffalo Brew's newly named BFC Blend as a Gift when you sign up!

About the Specialty Roast 

Coffalo Coffee partnered with Mountain High JZ Coffee to source a portion of the beans that make up the roast.  Mountain High JZ Coffee is the sole importer and producer of exclusive Guatemalan Specialty Coffees in Iowa. They have created a direct “Farm to Cup” supply line of top tier coffees from Fraijanes, Oriente, Antigua, Huehuetenango, Guatemala – One of the best coffee growing regions in the world. 

About Coffalo Coffee

bfc buffalo brew walter chris and matt

Walter, Chris, and Matt of Buffalo Brew in West Des Moines, Iowa

Coffalo Coffee, LLC is a new coffee roasting company based in West Des Moines, Iowa. Launched in November 2020. Coffalo Coffee is an environmentally conscious organization committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. The company uses clean, hot air to roast coffee rather than natural gas or liquid propane used in traditional drum roasters. The convective heat transfer results in a more even roast than coffee roasted using conductive heat transfer and the roasted coffee is free of hydrogen sulfide that forms from the additives in natural gas.