Friday, May 20

Building public awareness of, and support for, recognizing and recovering endangered species in the wild.

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Which wildlife species is not under the protection of the Endangered Species Act?

  • Loggerhead sea turtles
  • Polar bears
  • Plains American bison

Numbering fewer than threatened polar bears (22,000 to 31,000), threatened and endangered loggerhead sea turtles (50,000), plains American bison in the wild (18,748) are not listed or protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Which wildlife species has lost the most habitat and range?

  • Canada lynx
  • Plains American bison
  • Gray wolf

While the threatened Canada lynx has lost 89%, and the gray wolf in the lower 48 states has lost 90%, the plains American bison has lost 99% of their habitat and range.

Here are actions you can take on Endangered Species Day raising public awareness wild American bison deserve Endangered Species Act protection:

You can also download, print, and distribute our Endangered Species ads in your community.