Buffalo Field Campaign is looking to hire a full time kitchen coordinator for our upcoming patrol season (November 15, 2022 - May 31, 2023). Prepare healthy meals for our volunteers in the field and help save the Yellowstone buffalo at the same time!

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Supervised By:

Executive Director

Works closely with:
Director of Strategic Operations, Office Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinators, Maintenance Coordinator, Volunteers

Position Overview:
To responsibly manage, maintain and organize the kitchen, promoting health and well-being for all BFC staff, coordinators, volunteers, and visitors. This is a seasonal position from Nov. 15, 2022 (actual start date may range from Nov. 1st- Nov. 15th) - May 31, 2023.

bfc kitchen coordinator

Responsibilities and Specific Duties:

  • Primary cook including planning and preparing meals
  • Makes sure that meals provide a balanced, nutritious diet and can be fulfilled within the weekly budget
  • Purchases weekly food stocks and prepares bulk orders (one in November and one in the spring)
  • Participates as one of the Field Patrol Crew in doing weekly Bozeman runs in a campaign vehicle to purchase supplies and pick up and drop off new volunteers
  • Identifies, trains, and supervises monthly/weekly volunteer cooks and assistants
  • Makes homemade Field Season Patrol stocks including: trail mix, granola, dehydrated or canned foods or other specialty recipes
  • Appropriately utilizes in-house fish and game
  • Responsible for the operation of all kitchen equipment, food safety, and the organization of food waste
  • Maintains current list of dietary needs, food allergies and special requests to be accommodated as much as possible.
  • Maintains inventory of food and cabin supplies and regulates specialty donations (coffee, etc.) and patrol snacks
  • Organizes and maintains the kitchen flow and equipment
  • Responsible for organizing daily cleaning and regular deep cleaning of kitchen, food storage and root cellar
  • Checks Kitchen Coordinator email account and maintains relevant correspondence
  • Works with Executive Director and Office Coordinator to come up with a weekly budget
  • Identifies possible food donors and grants; maintains spreadsheet of donations received for Office Coordinator; writes thank you letters
  • Stores kitchen utensils and equipment and maintains a high level of respect and cleanliness in the kitchen including all refrigerators, freezers, and storage
  • Practices Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) principles in all professional responsibilities (work and volunteer) and in BFC communication

This position requires that you live at campaign headquarters. Free housing is provided within the Lodge which includes all meals, utilities, and internet.

Experience and creativity in preparing nutritious meals for a large number of people on a limited budget is essential for this position

Volunteering for Campaign:
BFC Field Patrols and other bison protection related activities do not fall under the duties of this position and are to be undertaken at the discretion of the Kitchen Coordinator and Supervisor(s) on a volunteer basis.

Hours and Compensation:
This is a full-time position not to exceed 30 hours per week. Pay is $13.50 per hour with 2 weeks paid vacation per season.

Please send a resume to Angela De Sapio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (406) 646-0070