Buffalo Field Campaign is excited to tell you about an opportunity that will benefit you and provide us greater flexibility and financial health. For years we have been paying a mortgage on our headquarters with an astronomical rate of 7.25%. We have a balance of about $200,000 that we would like to refinance at a lowered interest rate.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a few investors who would be interested in making a five year investment of $10,000 or more at an interest rate of 4% or less, if you choose.

We already have a commitment of $50,000 from one investor so we need to raise the remaining $150,000 in the next two months.

We have capped the interest rate at 4% but you can choose an interest rate that is lower if you choose. We are choosing to pay off the loan with payments that would pay off the loan at about the same time we would have paid off our current loan but, because this is an interest only loan for us, we can have the flexibility to pay back the loan with a substantially lower monthly payment if we encounter an unexpected expense or lean times.

The investment would be managed by a company that specializes in constructing loans specifically for nonprofits like ours named Semble. They have helped us set up an LLC that ensures your investment is secure.

This investment can also be used as part of a self directed IRA retirement plan https://www.semble.com/investor/

You can invest to help us to work harder to gain much needed protection for America’s last wild, free-roaming buffalo while providing our staff and front-line volunteers a warm and welcoming home to base our operations.

Small print provided by Semble.