Here we offer you our official press releases as distributed to the media.

April 5, 2018
Wild Buffalo Defender Has Day In Court
Yellowstone, Feds Punish Citizen for Trying to Block Slaughter of National Mammal

March 20, 2018
Wild Buffalo Defenders Arraigned, Released
Park Service to Protectors: “All these buffalo are going to die today, and there’s nothing you can do about it"

March 16, 2018
Men Block Road to Yellowstone's Buffalo Trap
More Direct Action Taken by Wild Buffalo Defense in Effort to Halt, Draw Attention to Wild Buffalo Slaughter

March 12, 2018
Bison Defenders Released from Jail
Citizens Plead "Guilty" for Attempt to Protect Yellowstone Buffalo from Slaughter

March 7, 2018
Buffalo Defenders' Arraignment Hearing Held This Morning
Three Citizens Arrested, Arraigned for Attempt to Stop Yellowstone Bison Slaughter and Document

March 6, 2018
Lock Down At Stephens Creek Buffalo Trap
Wild Buffalo Defenders Risk Life and Freedom to Stop Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter

February 24, 2018
Wild Buffalo Released Again From Yellowstone's Controversial Trap
The Message is Clear: America Wants our National Mammal Roaming Free

February 12, 2018
BFC Week of Action ~ First Annual Rosalie Little Thunder Walk
Buffalo Field Campaign Week of Action Starts Today!

February 08, 2018
USDA-APHIS Sued for Violating Freedom of Information Act

February 01, 2018
Court Overturns Political Decision To Deny Endangered Species Protection To Bison

January 23, 2018
Report: American Bison A Species Of Conservation Concern
Important opporunity to sign on in support of defending our national mammal on national forest lands!

January 01, 2018
Fifty-two Bison Escape Yellowstone's Quarantine Pens
Yellowstone’s Response to Bison Escaping Quarantine Trap Reveals Inconsistencies, Manipulation of Tribes

November 28, 2017
Central Bison Herd in Peril! Montana, Yellowstone Cause Tragic Shift in Bison Population