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Employment opportunites with the Buffalo Field Campaign.

Buffalo Field Campaign Employment Opportunities


PhD Wildlife Biologist

Buffalo Field Campaign is looking for a PhD wildlife biologist to conduct a threats analysis for the distinct population segment of Yellowstone bison.
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Volunteer for Field Season 2022-2023
Field volunteers needed, beginning November 15, 2022.
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Summer Volunteer Coordinator
Direct our 2023 Summer Outreach season. Coordinate tabling in Yellowstone National Park and upcoming tribal youth visits.
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2023 Summer Internships
Intern to protect the Buffalo Herds of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Yellowstone National Park in Yellowstone National Park this summer!
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2023-24 Field Season Internships
Intern to protect the Buffalo Herds of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Yellowstone National Park this winter!
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Annual Reports

Buffalo Field Campaign 2020 Annual Report (PDF)
Buffalo Field Campaign 2019 Annual Report (PDF)


Buffalo Field Campaign 990 2019 (PDF)
Buffalo Field Campaign 990 2018 (PDF)


Because of their ecological, historic, and cultural significance, BFC proposes that buffalo are worthy of their own “Bill of Rights.” Together, through our mission, BFC’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers strive to defend the rights of these endangered animals.

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BFC fights on behalf of buffalo, working to create a world where buffalo are:

  • Allowed to remain wild, existing in their natural state, in their native habitats, and for their own sake.
  • Honored and respected for their cultural and spiritual significance to the Indigenous People of this continent.
  • Recognized for their potential to educate our communities about sustainable and achievable co-existence between humans, wildlife, and the natural systems upon which our mutual existence depends.
  • Permitted to fully re-establish their historical migration patterns.
  • Helped to establish a sustainable population growth rate.
  • Appreciated and permitted to fulfill their inherent ecological role within their native range.
  • Free to live their entire natural life cycles as a wild species.
  • Sustained as the genetic wellspring for future wild, free-ranging buffalo populations.

We invite you to explore our website to learn, inquire, and become involved!

Want to find out about how BFC came to be? Check out our History page!


Buffalo Field Campaign is excited to tell you about an opportunity that will benefit you and provide us greater flexibility and financial health. For years we have been paying a mortgage on our headquarters with an astronomical rate of 7.25%. We have a balance of about $200,000 that we would like to refinance at a lowered interest rate.

This is where you come in. We are looking for a few investors who would be interested in making a five year investment of $10,000 or more at an interest rate of 4% or less, if you choose.

We already have a commitment of $50,000 from one investor so we need to raise the remaining $150,000 in the next two months.

We have capped the interest rate at 4% but you can choose an interest rate that is lower if you choose. We are choosing to pay off the loan with payments that would pay off the loan at about the same time we would have paid off our current loan but, because this is an interest only loan for us, we can have the flexibility to pay back the loan with a substantially lower monthly payment if we encounter an unexpected expense or lean times.

The investment would be managed by a company that specializes in constructing loans specifically for nonprofits like ours named Semble. They have helped us set up an LLC that ensures your investment is secure.

This investment can also be used as part of a self directed IRA retirement plan

You can invest to help us to work harder to gain much needed protection for America’s last wild, free-roaming buffalo while providing our staff and front-line volunteers a warm and welcoming home to base our operations.

Small print provided by Semble.


Thank you for your interest in saving buffalo and the work of Buffalo Field Campaign!

Our mailing address is:

Buffalo Field Campaign
PO Box 957
West Yellowstone, MT
59758 USA

To reach us by telephone, please call: 406-646-0070. If we are in the field, please leave a message.

To contact us via email, please click:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BFC's goal is to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo herds, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo. learn more yellow 2

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