Thank you for becoming a signatory to our report on American Bison A Species of Conservation Concern. BFC has submitted the signatories’ report to the Region 1 Regional Forester, the Custer Gallatin Forest Supervisor, and the Forest Plan Revision Team. The submitted report can be downloaded here:


Buffalo Field Campaign is gathering signatures from individuals and organizations in the United States in support of listing America’s last wild buffalo as a species of conservation concern on National Forest lands.

Please sign on by March 1, 2018. Details below.

COVER American Bison A Species of Conservation ConcernDownload the Report (PDF, 14.5MB, 44 pages)

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is revising its forest plan and has released a proposed action for buffalo that is open for public comment.

The Custer Gallatin’s proposed action for buffalo is to let the state of Montana define where buffalo can and cannot roam National Forest lands. Under “state-approved tolerance zones,” buffalo are excluded from roaming hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest habitat.

The Custer Gallatin’s decision to cede its authority to manage buffalo and their habitat to Montana is in conflict with the U.S. Congress’s mandate to provide diversity on National Forests.

Fencing schemes that disrupt buffalo’s natural migrations and connectivity to habitat, livestock grazing allotments that displace buffalo from their home ranges, and state intolerance, threaten the viability and diversity of buffalo – a native keystone species.

In response, Buffalo Field Campaign has prepared a report in support of Region 1 and the Custer Gallatin National Forest listing American bison as a species of conservation concern.

Gaining recognition as a species of conservation concern is a step towards protecting the diversity and viability of American bison and their habitat on National Forest lands.
We welcome all individuals and organizations to sign on using the links below.

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In signing on, you will be adding your voice to a chorus of people who want to see America’s legacy of wild buffalo on National Forest lands protected for future generations.

For thousands of years native buffalo have roamed the forest. This is our country’s National Mammal and the last representation of the wild species to continuously roam their native habitat in the United States.

Thank you for signing on in support of gaining recognition for American bison as a species of conservation concern!