May 9, 2003
Word of Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter Reaches Congress
Groups Gather to Protect an American Icon

March 4, 2003
Yellowstone National Park Sends Over 100 Wild Bison to Slaughter
Over 60 More Buffalo Captured Today

March 3, 2003
Yellowstone National Park Captures Over 70 Wild Bison in Ongoing Operation
More Than 90 Bison Will Likely Be Sent to Slaughter Tomorrow

February 5, 2003
Department of Livestock Captures Bull Buffalo

January 23, 2003
Department of Livestock Captures Two Buffalo; One Escapes

January 7, 2003
Federal Judge Hears Lawsuit for American Bald Eagles and Yellowstone Bison

January 5, 2003
Endangered Species Act lawsuit to be heard for American Bald Eagles, Yellowstone Bison

October 10, 2002
Frustrated State Employees Retaliate Against Lone Wild Buffalo

October 2, 2002
Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter Begins, Tough Winter Ahead