August 3, 2006
Bison Hunt Expanded by MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
Commission Approves 140 Permits; Ignores Public Comment & Agency Recommendations

July 17, 2006
I-90 Billboard Spotlights Park Service Role in Bison Slaughter
Patagonia, Inc and Buffalo Field Campaign Join Forces for America's Last Wild Herd

June 19, 2006
48 Quarantined Yellowstone Bison Sent to Slaughter
2005-2006 Kill Exceeds 1,000

May 16, 2006
Massive DOL Bison Hazing Operation Disrupts Region & Neighborhoods
Helicopter Invades Ecosystem, Infuriates Residents; Private Property Rights Ignored

March 27, 2006
Bison Migration Staunched; 4 Bull Shot Near Madison Valley

March 22, 2006
Wild Bison Population Plummets as Montana & National Park Service Trap & Slaughter Hundreds of Yellowstone Bison

March 15, 2006
Montana Slaughters 33 Yellowstone Bison
Agencies Capture and Kill Using U.S. Tax Dollars

March 8, 2006
Yellowstone Buffalo Betrayed By Cruelty and Indifference
Massive Slaughter Makes Bison Logo for Federal Agency "Misleading Advertising"

February 17, 2006
Yellowstone Bison Kills Exceeds 900
Park Officials Send 30 More Buffalo to Slaughter: Trap Empty

February 16, 2006
Montana Bison Hunt Ends, Slaughter Continues

February 15, 2006
758 Buffalo Slaughtered by Yellowstone National Park
Park Service Caters to Livestock Industry

February 13, 2006
Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter Nears 800
Park Officials Ignore Mandate & Public Opinion, Cater to Livestock Interests

February 1, 2006
Bison Slaughter and Need for Habitat are Focus of National Call-in Day

January 30, 2006
Yellowstone Area Brucellosis Committee Hold Meeting
Wild Bison Advocates Challenge Current Tactics, Offer Solutions

January 25, 2006
Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Exceeds 500
National Park Service Fails Wildlife, Caters to Livestock Interests

January 23, 2006
Yellowstone Slaughters More Wild Bison
National Park Service Caters to Livestock Interests, Fails Wildlife

January 17, 2006
Bison Management Plan Failing
Park Service to Slaughter Nearly 500 Yellowstone Bison

January 12, 2006
Bison Management Runs Amok: DOL Hazes Buffalo through Lake Ice, Killing Two
National Park Service Sends 24 Buffalo to Slaughter, Captures 100 More

January 11, 2006
Park Service Captures 180 Yellowstone Bison Without Montana's Cooperation
Decision to Slaughter without Testing Violates Bison Management Plan

January 10, 2006
FWP Suspends Montana Bison Hunt; DOL Plans Hazing

January 9, 2006
First Tribal Permit Used in Montana's Yellowstone Bison Hunt

January 2, 2006
17th Yellowstone Bison Killed in Montana Hunt

December 19, 2005
More Wild Bison Killed in "Hunt," Bison Advocates Offer Solutions

December 14, 2005
Wild Bison Advocates Present Solutions to Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

December 12, 2005
More Wild Bison Killed in "Hunt," Harassed in Hazing Operations

December 9, 2005
Buffalo Field Campaign to Hold Press Conference in Helena on Thursday 12/15/05

December 5, 2005
Six More Bull Buffalo Killed In Montana's Canned Hunt

November 28, 2005
104 Yellowstone Bison Hazed while Hunt is Underway

November 22, 2005
Sixth Bull Buffalo Killed in Montana

November 18, 2005
Third Bull Bison Killed During Opening Week of Hunt

November 15, 2005
Second Yellowstone Bison Killed in Montana Hunt
DOL Agent Escorts Bison Hunter to His Kill 

November 15, 2005
Montana Resumes Yellowstone Hunt
First Bison Killed Takes Four Shots, Forty Five Minutes to Die

September 8, 2005
Montana Commission Approves Yellowstone Bison Hunt
Buffalo Field Campaign Promises to Broadcast Images to National Audience