BFC Press release, Sterilization Study on Wild Bison – Records Show a Breakdown in Accountability, July 11, 2019.

Freedom of Information Act Records

BFC letter to Kevin Shea (July 11, 2019)

BFC letter to Cameron (Cam) Sholly (July 11, 2019)

BFC FOIA Request (Oct. 11, 2017)

BFC FOIA Complaint (Feb. 7, 2018)

“Starbucks brainstorm session” to push the idea of “decreasing prevalence” (Feb. 2010)

"hung in gate" "hung in rope" "broken back" broken right thigh (undated)

"massive hemorrhage" from "being restrained in the chute and from the pen mates" (March 2016)

"Multiple rib fractures and lung lacerations" (Oct. 2017)

"all of the Montana slaughter plants being full with bison from YNP for the foreseeable future" (Feb. 2017)

"Disease free bison should not be killed as a convenient method" (Feb. 2017)

Rick Wallen YNP "I have deleted the many emails" (May 2011)

Jack C. Rhyan APHIS "No results are better than bad results!" (Feb. 2015)

Jack C. Rhyan APHIS "PS we might should delete these emails" (Feb. 2013)

Jack C. Rhyan APHIS Inaccuracies in the “Advisory Letter on Violations of the Select Agent Regulations” (undated)

Rebecca K. Frey APHIS "I may delete . . . secret GC stash" (Feb. 2015)

Rebecca K. Frey APHIS "serious/top secret business" (Dec. 2014)

Options for disposition of bison in Fort Collins CO and Corwin Springs MT (undated)

Disposition of GonaCon bison at Corwin Springs (May 2017)

Implementation Plan to Disband the Wildlife/Livestock Disease Investigations Team (undated)

Select Agent inspection notes from Tahnee Szymanski (March 2017)

Reports of bison taken for GonaCon study (2012–2016)

YNP permit to take 63 bison (Feb. 2013)

YNP permit to take 108 bison (May 2011)