TREE, a conservation group of bright and ecologically-minded young adults from Timberline High School, made the long trek from Boise, ID, to West Yellowstone, MT this past week. On their journey, they found themselves caught in the midst of a winter storm, forced to stop at an Inn just 45 minutes from base camp. Thankfully, they made it safe and sound the next morning, joining us on a snowshoe patrol into Yellowstone National Park to locate nearby buffalo.

bfc volunteer tree timbrline high

It was a wonderful experience to see how much joy these youth had witnessing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and its' steward keystone species, the Yellowstone plains bison. They assisted in crucial BFC summer outreach preparations by helping us stuff 1200 calendars with our newsletters. With their help, it only took 45 minutes - the same time it took for them to arrive that morning!

In contrast to their intrepid arrival, it was a warm, blue-sky goodbye when they headed back home the next day -- with a box of newly stuffed calendars to hand out to their fellow students. This group brought so much life in the brief time they were here, and we hope to see them return as interns in the summer! Go Wolves!

bfc volunteer tree timberline high 2